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Die Tunes, die wir spielen

250 to Vigo


A Hundred Pipers And A'
Atholl Highlanders

Arisdale Burn


Bethany's Waltz
Bonaparte’s Retreat
Boys of Bluehill
Britches Full of Stitches - Manchester (Polka Set)
Brosna Slide
Buth Dhomhnaill'ic Leoid

Butterfly, The


Calum's Road
Concertina Reel

Corriechoille's Farewell to the Northern Meeting
Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, The
Crossing the Minch
Cuz Teahan's


Da bonnie polka

Da Brig

Delting Bridal March
Dennis Murphy's
Dingle Regatta

Doon Da Rooth
Drowsy Maggie
Dusty Miller, The


East of Glendart

Egan's Polka


First Sight
Flatwater Fran
Flowers of Edinburgh
Fram apon him


Gamekeeper's Cottage
Garden of Daisies
Gravel Walks


Hector the hero
Highlander’s Revenge – Grumbler, The
High Road to Linton

Hut of Staffin Island


Iain MacFarlane's Jig
Idle Road, The


Jellyfish Jig
Jeanie's blue E'en
Jig of Slurs

Jig Runrig

John Roy Stuart


Kesh Jig


Lady Anne Montgomery

Lilting Banshee
Linltihgow Loch

Loch Leven Castle


Maggie in the woods
Maggie West’s
Margaret Davidson
Margaret’s Waltz

Marnie Swanson of the grey Coast

Merry Blacksmith, The
Mick O’Connor’s Reel
Mickey Callaghan's

Morrison's Jig
Mrs McLeod of Raasay
Music of Spey

My Darling asleep




One hour in Hungary – Jemima – Halling from Grinstad
Off to California

Old Joe's Jig


Paddy’s Return


Rakes of Mallow
Red Squirrel, The
Roke and the wee pickle tow , The
Rolling Waves, The

Rory MacLeod


Seven Step Polka
Sheebeg Sheemore

Shetland Molecule
Shoe the Donkey
Shove the pigs foot a little bit closer to the fire

Sky City
Sweeny's Polka



Trip to Pakistan


Up and doon da Harbour
Up Downey


Waiting for the Federals
Whiskey-Set: (Farewell to Whisky (air) - Farewell to Whisky (polka)- Nancy Whisky - John Ryan's)

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